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London calls for heightened innovation and increased creativity when it comes to the cocktail industry

As far as the world of cocktails is concerned, London has become one of the most important cities on the map. It’s little surprise then that four of the capital’s bars placed in this year’s list of The World’s 50 best bars, released in October.

The multi-award-winning barman Ryan Chetiyawardana, better known as Mr. Lyan (The World’s Best Bartender in 2015), is solely responsible for having his bar (The White Lyan, opened in London in 2013) at the top of any list. Lyan’s inspiration comes from understanding modern botany and identifying how it applies to the skill of making cocktails. His fascination led him to research different aromas and flavours and his innovative menu, The Modern Life of Plants, features both traditional drinks and modern interpretations of the classics.

Creativity and creation, according to the author himself, provides us with an honest and critical view of what is currently happening in the world of food and beverages. His view contradicts the trends of seasonality that shackle the food and drink industry. Lyan strongly suggests that sustainability does not necessarily require sacrifice, and that a more balanced and healthy approach to agriculture is a realistic goal.

Such inspiration and creativity could only lead to one thing: fascinating and supremely balanced cocktails.

Here we profile Lyan’s own creation, the King Pig Sour, substituting white rum with one of the most glorious of tipples, Brazilian cachaça. The recipe also adds salt cedar, amaranth as garnish, pine nuts and Sicilian lemon. Cheers!

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