Confirmed attractions for Copacabana’s New Year’s Eve 2017 celebrations


As the end of the year approaches and we start thinking about parties and fireworks, it’s difficult to leave out the most famous New Year’s Eve party of them all, which takes place annually on Brazil’s most famous beach.

Over two million people head to Copacabana’s beach front every year, to send off the old year and welcome in the winds of change with open arms.

So this year, a year which saw the phenomenal success of the Olympics, will be no different! The programme is ready, and visitors from all over Brazil and the world are expected to make the atmosphere as special as ever, with a diverse range of shows for all tastes.

Some of the acts already confirmed are: Suricatos, Arlindo Cruz, Dudu Nobre, the percussion sections from the Samba Schools Acadêmicos do Salgueiro and Grande Rio, Gabriel Moura, Jorge Ben Jor, Zeca Pagodinho, among many others

Another great Brazilian party that promises to be unforgettable!


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