Courses teaching the elderly how to use smartphones and computers


Already around for years in the United Kingdom, Brazilians now have access to courses which focus on teaching pensioners how to use smartphones and computers.

It is a growing global trend, with the elderly showing themselves to be ever more tech savvy and open to learning new things, being particularly active on social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

According to Cristiano, who has taught courses at SENAC and Imagine School in Florianópolis, “what most people really want is to understand how to use social networks to keep in touch with friends and family. But some also want to learn how to edit and organise their photos, usually holiday snaps. Others want to stop having to rely on their offspring to help them with online banking services, and want know how to do basic transactions on their mobiles”.

To satisfy this demand, several businesses and schools have started offering basic technology courses, with specific lessons on apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger. The courses also give information about Waze, GPS, digital cameras, e-mail, message apps, diaries and scheduling apps and banking applications, among others.

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Source: Amplocom and AVG Technologies


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