Do you know the “Críquete”?


If you are British, of course you know. But if you are Brazilian, you probably have no idea or have heard very few about it

Originated in England and very famous in India, “Críquete” or Cricket is a game very similar to baseball, but it has different field and rules. Basically, it is played the same way we play the de “taco” ou “bete”in Brazil.

Críquete came to Rio de Janeiro in the mid-1800s and soon had spread over the city due the amount of British and descendants living there. Several clubs have emerged and the most important at that time was the Rio Cricket Club, created by George Cox in 1872. Over the years cricket lost its strength in Brazil, but there are still associations and clubs that offer the practice of the sport.

criquete2Cricket Brazil (Brazilian Association of Cricket) is the entity that governs the game in Brazil. There are clubs in many states of Brazil, the principals are: Athletic Club of São Paulo (São Paulo), Santos Athletic Club (São Paulo), Curitiba Cricket (Paraná) and Carioca Cricket Club (Rio de Janeiro). And the brand new ones are Minas Gerais Cricket Club (Minas Gerais) and Poços de Caldas Cricket (São Paulo).

Although not new in Brazil, recently it has been gaining more notoriety and more fans.

For those who are interested, curious and want to try, the SESC São Paulo offers free cricket lessons on some weekends of the year, find out when just following the site

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