Dona Onete to perform at the Festival of Brazil


As part of the celebrations of 100 years of Samba and the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics, the Embassy of Brazil is preparing a show for the Festival of Brazil, in partnership with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture.

Even though she only gained fame at the grand old age of 72, Dona Onete is a highly respected Brazilian artist, who has spent her entire life connected to the culture of her home state – Pará. In 2015, just a few years into her remarkable career, she performed at one of Europe’s most prestigious festivals. Critics have always been complimentary about her work, and she is unquestionably an authentic example of a Brazilian Carimbó artist. (Carimbó is one of many different Brazilian folk music styles.)

Onete is an ex-teacher, and she takes her inspiration from black and indigenous rhythms, dances and cultures. Her songs reference amazon legends and traditional regional cultures.

Dona Onete releases her new album in October. Her show at the Horniman, during the Festival of Brazil, will be a unique opportunity to get to know her enchanting repertoire, including new and old songs.

When: 3 July

Where: Festival of Brazil

Time: 5:30pm (Festival opens at noon)

Further information: Horniman

Dona Onete oficial website:


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