Don’t buy a pet, adopt one!


Don’t buy a pet, adopt one! There are many pets that long for a place to call home. A real home where they can be respected, cared for and loved

We, as people, are a mixture of many breeds, just like our domestic pets. So why would you buy a pet with just one breed if you can have a mongrel with various? Mongrels are stronger and tougher. When cared for and looked after responsibly, they very rarely get sick.

And the affection a mongrel gives you in return is worth far more than the money you could spend on a pure breed! Moreover, each adopted pet opens up a space to rescue one more. Think about it.



Every pet that is castrated reduces the number of abandoned animals on the street and the spread of subsequent diseases, as neutering prevents further contamination. This is the case as much amongst females as it is with males (with dogs and cats).

Trust me! The unconditional love of an animal that was once on the streets is priceless. Open your heart to an abandoned animal.

Don’t buy. ADOPT!

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About Author

Mariana Aidar, 38, is a Brazilian businesswoman. She has rescued more than 350 animals from the streets, and was responsible for the creation of the “Tricolor Friend” project in partnership with São Paulo Football Club.