Dyed hair


Using different colours to dye your hair, like pink or blue, is a far older practice than you may realise. There are paintings, from the middle of the 18th century, which show women from the French and English royalty putting a special powder in their hair. These powders were very popular and, basically, changed the hair’s colour to pinkish pastel tones.

cabelo5Over time this fashion was forgotten, but it came back thanks to the Punks and the Glams. One person of note around this time was the Londoner Soo Catwoman. In the 80s and 90s popstars also started to dabble. Nowadays, the style is stronger than ever, with celebrities the world over dying their hair all sorts of colours.

London is known as a place for trendsetting and it’s no different as far as hair is concerned. Female Londoners are famous for their attitude and aren’t scared to stand out, making use of different hairstyles and colours.



cabelo1Following this European tendency, here in Brazil strong women have been opting for this fashion too. Hair can be dyed an infinity of ways and there are plenty of different styles, such as Rainbow Hair, Space Hair, Colombré, and many others. These styles are all based on colour tones: Rainbow Hair speaks for itself, Space Hair is based on the colours of the galaxies and Colombré is when only the bottom half of the hair is coloured.


cabelo2So has that got you interested in changing your look? If so, it’s always good to keep in mind some recommendations: if you’re going to take a chance and dye it at home, make sure you purchase a good quality dye and learn how to discolour hair properly first. Sounds too complicated? Just find a good beauty salon, which specialises in colouring. In São Paulo, Novo Arte is the only Brazilian beauty salon specialized in coloured dyes, with trained professionals who will know how to discolour and dye your hair. In London, there is a world famous speciality salon, Bleach London. It is known for its celebrity clients and the spectacularly colourful hairstyles that leave its doors, as well as having its own brand of hair-dyes.

cabelo4If you loved the idea, but are a bit apprehensive about permanently changing the colour of your hair, there are products available which come out after three days, which is perfect if you fancy testing-out a new colour.

It’s worth remembering that coloured hair requires more care, meaning almost daily hydration and root treatments at least every two weeks. But your hair will be so amazing that it’ll be worth the effort, my friends!


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