Editorial Issue 10


 This edition of BBMag, London’s leading Anglo-Brazilian magazine, comes to you brimming with fresh
content—what could be better than articles about dreamy holidays, heavenly cuisine, breath-taking
photography, and cultural curiosity!

Our cover story transports readers to Iguassu Falls (Foz do Iguaçu), where visitors are immersed in a tropical Paradise. The boundless wildlife, lush nature trails and, of course, spectacular waterfalls—which can be experienced from both the Brazilian and Argentine side—make “Foz” a destination that’s increasingly popular destination among overseas visitors.

London has become one of the preferred destinations for musicians of late, and we have our top picks for live shows in our regular music section, Brazilians That Rock! —they’re all true Brazilian ambassadors. And speaking of music, we shine a light on one of our best-known genres, bossa nova, in our Culture section—find out a little more about the history of the movement and some of its chief
protagonists. Other Brazilians making headlines in London are alsoprofiled in a new feature of BBMag, our Interviews section.

As London’s weather begins to turn, Chef Luciana Berry is on hand with a delicious recipe for pea velouté, whist Caipirinha & Cia has an irresistible winter warmer: Rabo de Galo, a cocktail made with cachaça that we’re sure is set to conquer a legion of new fans in London!

 We’ve got all the latest news about flights from London to Brazil, as well as tips on how to make long haul flying that much more relaxing. And there’s more travel: How about a trip to the southeast of Brazil? Besides Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, it’s home to Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, two other states full of history, culture and gastronomic delight. If you’d prefer a holiday in Europe, how about the picturesque region of Veneto, in Italy, and the awe-inspiring Dolomites? Not only is the region a mecca for walking, but it is an enogastronomic wonderland and a journey guaranteed to sharpen the five senses.

And there’s more: interesting facts and figures about Brazil, health and beauty tips, fashion rules for the
royals, LGBT updates, shopping and other things to do
in London!

This edition marks four years since we launched BBMag and we’re already busy preparing for the next one. As we tiptoe toward the end of year festivities, not to mention Carnival in Brazil, we raise a glass to you, our readers!

Until next time!


Glauco Chris Fuzinatto
Publisher / Managing Editor


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