Rio 2016 – Essential apps for anyone wanting to keep track of the Rio Olympics


According to local government official estimations, between 5 and 21 August Rio de Janeiro is set to welcome up to a million tourists. In addition to those planning on visiting the city specifically to watch the games, there will be around 100 thousand people directly participating in the goings on, including almost 11 thousand athletes from 204 countries, with 45 thousand volunteers, 25 thousand journalists and 7 thousand delegation members. In total, 7.5 million tickets will be sold for the 42 different types of events encompassed by the games.

Anyone planning on being in the The Wonderful City over the course of the next few weeks will find the following apps indispensable. Check them out:

Rio 2016
The official app from the Brazilian Olympic Committee, it shows the path of the Olympic Torch Relay, as it travels through 300 cities, as well as giving updates about the games as they occur and the places each event takes place in (with maps). Once the Games begin, the app will keep users up to date with all the latest developments, such as the all-important medal table. Available for Android, iOS and at the Windows Phone Store.

Google Translate
Real-time translation in over 100 languages. Common phrases and expressions, directions and menus are easily translatable with this app. The audio feature even enables users to have their conversation translated as they chat. It can also be used offline, as long as the particular language desired is downloaded beforehand. Available for Android.

Imagine you’re on the way to an event and realise you’ve forgotten your ticket. Not to worry – beat the chaotic traffic by requesting the services of a motoboy (a guy on a motorbike), who will pick up and deliver where you ask him to, via the app. You can even keep track of his progress in real-time, thanks to the GPS tracker, and payment options include credit card. An easy and quick way of rescuing your day! Available for Android and iOS.

Vá de Táxi
Rio’s usually heaving streets will be even more chock a block during the games. Patience is a virtue but it will be essential for anyone driving around the city over this period. If you’d rather not turn grey just yet, call a Taxi using Vá de Taxi. The app is available for Android and iOS, and permits credit card payments.

Available for iOS and Android, the app works collaboratively, as users contribute information regarding accessibility of commercial establishments to people requiring wheelchair access. As well as wheelchair users, the app is useful for the elderly, people with pushchairs and prams, and those who have recently had operations limiting their ability to move around.

Once you’ve seen the athletes burn thousands of calories in the Olympic Park, you’ll doubtless be feeling quite famished. If you aren’t in the mood to queue for hours for a table at one of Rio’s many restaurants, you might prefer to simply eat in your hotel room – in which case, a good idea would be to order your dinner via the website/app PedidosJá. A whopping 800+ separate establishments are registered, including pizza houses, burger joints, snack bars, sushi houses and Arabic, Chinese and Italian restaurants, among many others.

TRAFI is an app which gives real-time updates regarding public transport (times and routes etc.), and has just been given the all clear by The City of Rio’s Council to include information about the Rio 2016 Games. It’s ideal for tourists who aren’t familiar with the city, as well as those who are, as there are set to be a number of route changes as a result of some events. TRAFI is a market leader in Turkey and Eastern Europe, and has gained global fame as the most advanced and accurate app of its type available (with or without an internet connection), having recently won official recognition from the Olympic City Transport Challenge.

Guichê Virtual
Coaches have come a long way, and offer a level of comfort today which is often superior to that found on planes. Guichê Virtual allows people to purchase bus tickets to over 4 thousand destinations in Brazil. A leader in its sector, the company has already noticed an 18% sales increase for the Olympics period compared to previous months. It is likely that this tendency will continue throughout the Games, with one of August’s most popular destinations so far being Rio. Guichê Virtual is recommended for anyone looking for security and convenience when making ticket purchases.


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