Events with Latino spirit 


Whether celebrating a religious, seasonal or national occasion, festivities in Latin America never lack tradition, colour and excitement 

One of the more notable qualities of Latinos is that they can celebrate or commemorate just about anything. Whether it’s something more subdued, almost spiritual, or a massive nation-wide party, the people of Latin America know how to make any occasion memorable. Here we profile some of the more interesting events from various countries. Check them out! 

The Mama Negra 

One of the more symbolic festivals of Ecuadorian culture, The Mama Negra represents a union of Spanish, indigenous and African traditions and includes a series of eye-catching rituals in honour of the Virgen de la Merced (Virgin of Mercy). 

Fiesta de la Tirana 

The Fiesta de la Tirana is a Chilean tradition that honours Our Lady of Mount Carmel. With hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, it’s one of the most popular events in the country. Since it couldn’t be held this year due to the pandemic, the occasion called for a little extra creativity and was celebrated online. 

Parintins Folklore Festival 

Most people have heard of Brazilian Carnival, but another cherished annual celebration is the Parintins Folklore Festival, held in the State of Amazonas, where two teams—one red, one blue—celebrate a local legend about a resurrected ox through flamboyant dances, singing, and parade floats. The event is televised nationwide. 

Inti Raymi 

The Festival of the Sun, as it is also called, takes place in the region of Cusco, Peru, and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Of Inca origin, it marks the winter solstice—the end of an important agricultural cycle and the beginning of a new one. 

Palmares Fiestas 

Held in Costa Rica, this event lasts for two weeks and usually kicks off with a football match. The festival itself is a recent thing, but already attracts thousands of tourists every year, who enjoy ample beer, food and excitement. 


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