Article: Come and Experience Brazil


Come and Experience Brazil

By Vinícius Lummertz, Embratur’s President

Brazil has just staged the biggest event on the planet: the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This spectacular experience has consolidated Brazil’s ability to host major national and international events of varying sizes, thanks to the country’s modern infrastructure of hotels, restaurants, airports and tourist destinations. Initial data suggests that more than 500,000 foreigners visited Rio de Janeiro between 1 July and 15 August.

The success of the Games reflects a shift in the international perception of Brazil, as tourists of various nationalities were met by a receptive, warm and beautiful country. We gave the world a fabulous party and the image we want to perpetuate is one of a modern Brazil, with potential for economic growth and business generation, product diversity and distinct tourism segments.

A study conducted by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism shows that the satisfaction index of foreigners visiting Rio in 2106 was 83%. According to the same survey, 87.7% of overseas guests intend to return to Brazil. The good humor, friendliness and hospitality of the people of Rio de Janeiro were all praised by 98.6% of the international visitors. The nightlife was also a high point: with Rio deemed as “very good” in this regard. It is clear, therefore, that Rio succeeded in hosting a memorable Olympics.

Brazil and the UK

England ranked 9th in terms of tourists visiting Brazil in 2015 and 4th amongst European countries. Brazil receives, on average, 190,000 British tourists a year, all attracted by the country’s cultural destinations, sun and beaches, and ecotourism. Currently there are 21 weekly flights to Brazil from the UK and we are working to increase this number in partnership with the airlines and the tourism industry in general.

The Rio de Janeiro that billions of people saw on television was just an example of a unique and wonderful destination that deserves to be explored! Brazil is waiting with open arms to receive guests from the UK with the same vibrant spirit that has gripped the world in recent months. We are ready to welcome more and more international visitors and continually improve the way in which we serve them, sharing the true Brazilian experience, a friendly country with a smile and a warm embrace.


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