Experience the wonders of Veneto Hills Golf & Spa


Experience the wonders of Veneto, by playing golf!

Exploring Veneto means strolling through the region’s vineyards, taking in the local art and history, enjoying breakfast in front of Venice’s Piazza San Marco, and, to top it all off, ending the day sipping Prosecco onboard your yacht (or House Boat) whilst you admire the Palladian Villas that line the banks of River Sile or River Brenta. These are just some of the unforgettable experiences that this incredible place promises its visitors.

Immersed in nature and beyond the more routine of itineraries, you can uncover countless wonders and look upon distinct landmarks through an altogether different lens, by travelling by motorcycle or hiking. Along the Grande Guerra trial, between Piave and Monte Grappa, from the Asiago Plateau to the highest peaks of the Dolomites to the sea, along Hemingway’s route, the spirit of struggle and resistance that dogged Italy during that time is almost palatable.

Besides basking in history and legend, there’s also ample opportunity of spending your holidays golfing given that the region has a wide choice of fantastic courses, stretching from the countryside to the coast, from the mountains to the lagoons. Sample the fairways that champion golfer Matteo Manassero grew up on and marvel at the array of trophies and memorabilia on display at clubhouses across the region, much of it signed by Italian champions of the British Open and the European Tour. All this is part of the golfing experience in Veneto, winner of the prestigious “Best Undiscovered Destination in the World ” IAGTO award in 2013.

Veneto still offers a range of historical tours that are in keeping with the natural surroundings, that is, where a friendly, charming and relaxed atmosphere can be enjoyed away from pressures of time and routine.

A life of peace and tranquillity enhances well-being, even where golf is concerned.


Veneto Hills Golf & Spa

The Veneto Hills Golf & Spa offers panoramic views of far-reaching landscapes that burst with colour and fragrance. The scent drifts from the lagoons, with its saline air and fishing boats, to the foothills, bringing the sweet and fruity scent of the riverbanks’ undergrowth. Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Venice and the Venetian Villas, but also small villages that hide great treasures.  Like the local cuisine, for example, which spoils visitors with unique and exclusive flavours that vary depending on the specific region.

Veneto should also be savoured for its wines, such as Prosecco, and its traditional cuisine and the unique atmosphere of the ancient Veneto Villas, located in the outskirts of Venice’s República Sereníssima de Veneza.

To find out where to play golf in Veneto visit www.veneto.eu


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