Feijoada Chef Jo & Samba do Chapéu


The event brings to London a little of what happens, routinely, in various regions of Brazil



Sitting in a bar, having a meal with the Brazilian seasoning and listening to good music has always been a passion of Brazilians, especially on Sundays. The band Samba do Chapéu soon realized the lack of this type of event in the city of London, and, in partnership with Chef Jo Nonato, decided to create something alike. And as Feijoada Completa is a popular dish from north to south of the country, it was eventually chosen to be the flagship of the event.


Since its debut in March 2017, the party has been promoting Brazilian culture in London. With 19 editions so far, the event is an absolute success. Doors open at 2pm, so everyone can sit at the tables (usually booked in advance) and order the feijoadas. A variety of snacks and pastries are also prepared, including a vegetarian version of feijoada and drinks are always available at the bar with affordable promotions.


Chef Jo serves the feijoada accompanied by white rice, kale, orange and farofa. A delight! So if you do not know this event, it is worth enjoying a Sunday dancing with the Samba do Chapéu music, starting at 4pm, right after lunch. The band makes 2 sets of live music, with DJ Variado covering the break.



The event is open to all the public. With a family atmosphere, it ends up attracting parents, grandparents and children. It has also been chosen by many people to celebrate birthdays, with the band always singing “Happy Birthday”, giving the party a super nice atmosphere.


The event usually takes place once a month at The Union Ludgate pub / restaurant, right in the heart of London, near Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The place is modern and easily accessible, and has indoor and outdoor area, with capacity for approximately 250 people. Tickets are sold in advance through the Ticket Tailor website or at the entrance and cost £ 15 including the feijoada. It is recommended that people contact 020 7248 2787 or 075 4086 4851 to reserve their table.


Enjoy this event that has been stirring the Brazilian community in London! Dates for upcoming events are: 22 September, 3 November  and 1 December, 2019.


For more details follow the social pages of Samba do Chapéu and Chef Jo.



When: 22 September, 2019, starting at 2pm

Where: The Union Ludgate – 35 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7AU


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