The film “A wolf at the door” is Cineclub Brazil’s focus this wednesday


The plot of the film “A wolf at the door”– which is the debut offering from fledgling Brazilian Director Fernando Coimbra – takes its inspiration from the dramatic real-life story of the ‘Beast of Penha’, a kidnapper who shocked Brazil in 1960.

Sylvia’s (Fabíola Nascimento) six-year-old daughter is taken from school by an unknown woman and the police, in an effort to find out as much as possible about the case, call in her husband Bernardo (Milhem Cortaz) to be interviewed as a suspect. He confesses that he is having an affair with Rosa (Leandra Leal), who quickly becomes the lead suspect in the kidnapping.


When: Wednesday, 8 February, 6:30pm

Where: Embassy of Brazil in London – 14-16 Cockspur Street, London SW1 5BL


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