Filming locations from the Game of Thrones in the UK


If you are a fan of the TV show Game of Thrones, check out the filming locations in the UK, especially at Northern Ireland

The main headquarters for the Game of Thrones production is at the Paint Hall studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where most of the interior sets are located, such as the Red Keep sets, the Iron Throne, the Great Sept of Baelor and Winterfell. The majority of on-location shooting also occurs in Northern Ireland – such as Castle Black, which was built as a fully realized set in an abandoned quarry a few minutes’ drive north of Belfast.

Also in Belfast at Shane’s Castle were filmed the fight between Jaime and Brienne in Season 2, the scenes in Winterfell’s crypts and the Tourney of the Hand, present in season 1 when Eddard Stark is first appointed Hand of the King.

The seat of house Greyjoy and its vassals, the Iron Islands, was also filmed in Northern Ireland at the Ballintoy Harbor. At least part of it, since the Castle of Pyke doesn’t have many outdoor scenes. The main port of the island, Lordsport, however, was filmed here. Next to Ballintoy is the place where Renly Baratheon stationed his troops in season 2, short before he was killed with blood magic by his brother Stannis and his companion Melisandre.

One of the most iconic moments of the show was when the news of Eddard Stark’s death reached his family. Shortly after, it’s possible to hear his son, Robb Stark, furiously hitting a tree with his sword. That night, all the bannermen from house Stark declare Robb King in the North as they prepare to march south to face the Lannisters. All those moments were filmed at the Inch Abbey.

Apart from the UK, other filming locations include Spain (the dornish capital of Sunspear and the water gardens, as well as the Tower of Joy), Malta, Croatia (most of outdoor scenes from King’s Landing) and Morocco. If you are interested, you can check an interactive map at the site Discover Northern Ireland that shows all the filming locations on the country.


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