Free English classes? Yes, please!


Believe it or not, there are some very reasonably priced English language courses in London some don’t charge at all!


Learning English in London, most of the time, can leave you out of pocket… However, if you look hard enough you can find some English classes that cost next to nothing and some are even free! No joke let us explain.

The reason there are free English courses out there is simple: teachers in training need to clock class time to obtain their TEFL (English as a Second Language) certificates. And, legally speaking, no course can charge for classes administered by someone who is not fully trained and accredited to do so.

You might be excused for thinking that the quality of teaching would be lower than that of a more qualified teacher or institution, but more often than not the complete opposite is true. At the end of the day these “teachers in the making” are perhaps the most motivated educators of all they strive for their opportunity to gain this experience and their coveted teaching certificate.

These courses are not widely promoted, so most learners don’t even know they exist. No need to worry as we went in search of the best options to help you polish your English language skills without breaking the bank! Here’s the best of what’s out there:

  1. Britannia School of English – tel: 020 3022 5287. Free course, four hours per week
  2. Ealing & Hammersmith West London College – tel: 0800 980 2175. Free English classes with various times of day, depending on the availability and level
  3. English Studio – tel: 020 7404 9759. Free classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  4. Hampstead School of English – tel: 020 7794 3533. Free classes Monday to Friday, at various times of day
  5. International House London – tel: 020 7611 2400. Courses fees vary from £30 to £50 per month, with various options in terms of time and level
  6. ISIS Education – tel: 020 8293 1444. Free course for intermediate to advanced students, Monday to Friday
  7. Kensington and Chelsea College – tel: 020 7573 5333. Free two-hour classes, Monday to Friday
  8. Language Link – tel: 020 3214 8250. Free courses, with a minimum of 15 hours per week
  9. Nova New Opportunities – tel: 020 8960 2488. Joining fee of £25 (£10 is returned on completion of the course and its final test), classes twice a week
  10. Shane Global – tel: 020 7499 8533. Free four-week course, two hours per day. A deposit of £30 is required, which is returned to students who complete the course with 100% attendance
  11. Giles International – tel: 020 7837 0404. Free four-week course, Monday to Friday
  12. Training 4 TEFL – tel: 020 7637 2212. Joining fee of £10 and a deposit of £30, which is returned at the end of the course as long as students have attended at least four classes. Four-week course, Monday to Friday
  13. Westminster Kingsway College – tel: 08700 609 800. Free classes, Tuesday and Thursday


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