Gabriel o Pensador in London at the Jazz Café


Brazilian hip hop pioneer, Gabriel o Pensador (Gabriel ‘The Thinker’) makes his debut at the Jazz Café in London on Wednesday, 8 August 2018, in the same year he celebrates an amazing 25-year career.

Gabriel brings many of his hits like Retrato de um Playboy2345meia78 and Cachimbo da PazAstronauta and Até Quando, as well as songs from his latest album Sem Crise, like Surfista Solitário, his version of the 1980 Jorge Benjor hit.

Catch Gabriel o Pensador in the intimate atmosphere of The Jazz Café and take a trip to Rio and into the head of Gabriel as he blasts out his ideas that reflect the current collective atmosphere in the nation perfectly highlighted in his 2017 rewrite of the hit ‘I’m Happy (I Killed The President)’, which has reached 10 Million view mark.

A pioneer in Brazilian hip hop movement, Gabriel o Pensador presents in the show “Sem crise” (“No Crisis”) that he is much more than a rapper. He is a composer, a musician, a storyteller, and, above all, a communicator.

The setlist will contemplate classics of his 25 years of career, like “Retrato de um Playboy” (1993), “2345meia78” and “Cachimbo da paz” (1997), “Astronauta” (1999) and “Até Quando” (2001); besides songs from his last work “Sem Crise”, like ”Surfista Solitário”, a cover to a Jorge Ben Jor success from 1980, and “Linhas tortas”, a song that tells his path, from his essays he wrote in school days until he became “O Pensador” (“The Thinker”).


Gabriel O Pensador – rapper, composer and writer


Gabriel began his musical career in 1992 with the launch of a demo tape with the song “Tô Feliz (Matei o Presidente)” that was a great radio hit when Brazil was going through a impeachment process of presidente Collor. In 1993 he has released his first CD through Sony Music and won the Prêmio da Música Brasileira in the Pop Rock Male Newcomer category.

Throughout his career he sold millions of records with 8 albums: “Gabriel O Pensador”, “Ainda é só o começo”, “Quebra-cabeça”, “Nádegas a declarar”, “Seja você mesmo (mas não seja sempre o mesmo)”, “MTV ao vivo”, “Cavaleiro Andante”, “Sem Crise”; and the DVD “MTV Ao Vivo”.

Besides sings and songwriting, Gabriel is a writer and has released in 2001 the autobiographical book “Diário Noturno”. Four years later released “Um Garoto Chamado Rorbeto”, that won the Prêmio Jabuti of best child book in the following year and has been used in school in works against bullying.

In 2008, he released the book “Meu Pequeno Rubro-Negro” and a year after released a special edition of the same book called “Meu Pequeno Rubro-Negro – Edição Especial do Hexa”.

Gabriel is also a social activist and has projects like “Pensador Futebol”, that supports young football players that want to be pros, and along Luís Figo and Luiz Felipe Scolari he runs a football project called “Dream Football”, that gives the opportunity to players to be hired by professional football team through the submission of online videos.

Besides football projects, he also has a social project known as “Pensando Junto” (“Thinking Together”) that supports needy children from Rocinha.


Date: Wednesday, 8 August 2018

From 7 pm to 11 pm

Venue: Jazz Cafe – 5 Parkway, Camden, London NW1 7PG




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