Goiânia: A Highlight in Real Estate


Goiânia, thanks to its wooded areas, squares and incredible parks, is an enchanting city. The green capital of Brazil is among the places with the highest living standards in the country and is the municipality with the most greenery per inhabitant. Goiânia has been participating, since 2011, in the Urbelac Network of Sustainable Cities – responsible for the development of programmes which improve quality of life and promote international, inter-city collaboration.


Goiânia, reflection of buildings

For these and other reasons, the region’s Real Estate market has been on the up: between 2011 and 2015, the price per square metre was around 35.4%, well above the 30.2% rate of the General Price Index (IGPM) and beyond the standard appreciation, which takes into account the incidence of the Urban Building and Land Tax (IPTU), according to Ioav Blanche, President of the Goiás Union of Condominiums and Real Estate Agencies.

Neighbourhoods such as the Parque Oeste Industrial have increased dramatically in their market value, with a square metre evaluated at R$ 3174.89. Many other neighbourhoods are on the up thanks to the nearby infrastructure and extensive commercial areas. According to the President of the ADEMI, Renato Correa, Goiânia’s market is red-hot, and it’s hoped that 2016 continues the trend of recent years, with 6500 properties put on the market and 5000 new releases, all of which leads to the conclusion that now is the time to invest.


A quick Internet search is enough to find out that the price of a standard new-release property is in the region of 200 to 400 thousand Brazilian reais. Some properties, with more square metres, are around the 700 thousand mark, and prices can reach R$ 1 million.

As long as plenty of research is done and with quality professional assistance, there are many opportunities for investors to make a profit and take advantage of Goiânia’s expansion


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