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Do you know what makes start-ups and small businesses successful? Planning and training are just a few of the ingredients needed to create a successful small business:


Nothing is more fundamental than planning for an enterprise. Even before you go around telling friends and family that you have a new, innovative idea, you should have a plan. You need to determine the direction that you want your business to take carefully and calmly, and then stick to it. Don’t consider this step as wasted time, it is important to predict possible mistakes and outcomes of your business venture.


Whether you’re venturing for the first time in a new business, or you have experience of the market and are looking to expand, be aware that training is vital. No one needs to be an expert straight away, but take the time to train your employees, or yourself, to perform specific roles. Invest in internal communication and always keep your employees updated with the latest news.

Organisation, determination and firmness

Without these three requisites you’ll never achieve the discipline needed for business. And without discipline we cannot do much, can we? Remember that planning you did when you started the company, when you had that incredible idea? This planning will only be effective if you have the discipline to put it into practice. Your discipline will, consequently, also influence your employees. They will realise that having discipline helps them accomplish goals and objectives more easily.


Investments in your business will be essential from the outset. For this you can apply for a loan and use it wisely to grow the company. However, investments are not only financial, you’ll also need to invest in management, technology, service, product quality or service, speed, agility and in various other areas related to your business. Never stop investing. A business without investment is a stagnant, old business that will be out-dated quickly.

Process analysis

After investment, organisation and planning, it’s time to pay attention to the signs that your business is growing. For example, customer doubts and feedback provide a good way to analyse processes and test whether any particular procedure is working or not. Pay attention and make your business successful!


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