The growth of animals’ nurseries and pet hotels in Brazil


Pets play an ever-present role in people’s lives, and those who share a home with a pet always want the best for the animal. More often than not, however, busy lives and demanding work schedules leave pet owners feeling guilty about leaving their pets alone at home or when it’s necessary to be away for a few days without knowing where best to leave them.

One possible solution to the problem is opting for an animal crèche or hotel that specialises in caring for domestic animals, a growing market in Brazil thanks to an upturn in demand over the last few years. According to information from ABINPET (Brazilian Association of the Pet Products Industry), the nation’s pet population grew by 5.1% between 2011 and 2012, which in real terms means an increase of 106.2 million pets. Brazil has the world’s second-largest cat and dog population, behind the USA.

Today crèches and hotels are more than well-equipped to receive such pets, given that their owners are increasingly demanding. Most of these establishments pay great attention to the animal’s adaptation and the genuine longing created by the owner’s absence. For these and other reasons, there are many nurseries (crèches) and hotels that offer private suites, show TV programs from channels like Animal Planet, have elevated beds, install ‘bone phones’ – for the owners to speak to their animals – and invest in software applications that enable owners to keep an eye on what their pets are doing via a network of video cameras.

In some places, the package includes recreational activities, training classes, bathing and grooming, veterinary services, massages and even nap times. Most companies offer monthly and daily rates according to the owners’ needs.

In Britain, such services for cats and dogs, like “Day Care”, “Dog Walkers”, and “Pet Sitters”, already represent a well-established market. Many Brits have hectic schedules and need someone to babysit their pet, take them for walks and find places to stay.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises during their stay, it is always advised that owners check the trustworthiness and quality of the establishment, what services are available, and that there is always a qualified vet on site. That way, your trusty companion will be guaranteed comfort and love for the holidays!

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