Guido Sant’Anna Violin Recital


A young and talented brazilian musician, Guido Sant’Anna, is coming to London on June 18th

The Brazilian musician Guido began playing the violin aged five with the help of his family. He performed with an orchestra as soloist for the first time at the age of seven, and since then has performed numerous times as a soloist, most of them with the Filarmonica Bachiana Orchestra, under the direction of João Carlos Martins. He has also performed with Maestro Julio Medaglia, Erika Hindrikson, and Edson Beltrami. He is currently a student of Elisa Fukuda, sponsored by the Cultura Artística Institute.

Since being invited to participate in the Menuhin Competition Geneva 2018, Guido has performed as a soloist with orchestras throughout Brazil, including the Orquestra Sinfônica Municipal de São Paulo, Johann Sebastian Rio, Camerata Sesi de Vitória in Espirito Santo, Orquestra do Festival Virtuosi in Pernambuco, Camerata UFMT in Mato Grosso, Orquestra da ULBRA in Rio Grande do Sul, and Orquestra da UFRN in Rio Grande do Norte, and he has participated in both the Perlman Music Program and Sarasota Camp in the USA.

The Menuhin Competition Geneva 2018, which took place in April 2018, attracted 317 entries from the world’s very best young violinists representing 51 nationalities, with 44 being invited to participate. GuidoSant’Anna is the first Brazilian violinist that had ever been selected to compete in the Competition’s history since 1983 and he truly wowed the jury and audience alike, going on to win the Junior 6th Prize and the ARTE Concert Online Audience Prize. Guido so impressed everyone that the Menuhin Competition Trust sought to support him further and, with the support of the Caris Foundation, has arranged the loan of a fine 1833 violin made by famous Cremona violin maker Iorio to him.

The Menuhin Competition is the world’s leading international competition for young violinists, held every two years in a different world city (most recently Geneva in 2018, London in 2016, Austin, Texas in 2014, Beijing in 2012 and Oslo in 2010). The Competition discovers, encourages and nurtures exceptionally talented young musicians under the age of 22 years from across the globe to develop into artists of the highest calibre and each edition of the Menuhin Competition presents an 11-day festival of music, education and cultural exchange. Creating a stimulating environment in which talented young violinists may learn and grow has always been and will remain at the heart of the Menuhin Competition.

Where: Embassy of Brazil in London, 14-16 Ccockspur Street, London SW1Y 5BL
When: Tuesday 18th


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