Hair colouring and treatment options to inspire!

OK, we are all eternal dissatisfied with our hair. Blondes want to be brunettes and brunettes want to be blondes.
Many want to be redheads. And everyone wants to cover up those grey hairs! Anyway, since there are so many options, changing one’s hair colour doesn’t have to be a permanent thing.

One of the quickest ways to try out a new shade is with glosses and toners readily available on the high street. Toners only intensify existing hair colours and cover up grey strands more naturally. Toners lighten one’s natural colour in up to three shades. However, in the case of very dark hair (let’s say your natural colour is jet black and you want to be blonde), this process needs to be carried out in conjunction with a hair dye. The procedure tends to damage hair more, but nothing that a good hydrating shampoo treatment a day before and, on average, 15 days later won’t solve! Always be sure to use quality products if you opt to apply them at home. At the salon, your beautician should know which one is best for your hair type and be able to identify if there’s any previous
damage due to products used previously, or straightening, or even a more serious hair issue. Once you have applied the product, remember that you need to brush up the root in accordance with the tone and the colour you wish to achieve: your hair may quickly fade and need a new colour, often less than a month apart.

So, at the end of the day, we always recommend looking for a qualified professional; after all, you don’t want to end up with green hair when your intention is to achieve that golden sun-kissed Californian shine! Beauty salons also have access to products sold exclusively to professionals as opposed to the general public (nothing like what we ordinary mortals find in the pharmacy aisle of the supermarket). They only use the best products available, and I think we are all in agreement: your appearance deserves the best.

A beauty technical is also best equipped to assist people with sensitive skin or allergies by recommending the most appropriate hypoallergenic products

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