Harry Potter Actor is half-British and half-Brazilian


Do you remember Dino Thomas, a character in the Harry Potter saga?

One of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s fellow classmates, the young Gryffindor scholar has a significant part to play in the Potterverse, being an integral member of Dumbledore’s Army and participating in the Battle of Hogwarts against the Death Eaters, helping to defeat Voldemort. He also dates Gina Weasley, Ron’s sister, who is a brief love-interest of Harry’s.

What you perhaps didn’t know is that the actor who plays Dino in the films, Alfie Enoch, has dual nationality. Yep, he’s British-Brazilian!

Despite being born in England like his father, the actor William Russel, Alfie shares his Brazilian Doctor mother Balbina Gutierrez’s nationality. With strong ties to Brazil, he even lived in Salvador when he was six-years-old, and always makes a point of saying how much he loves Brazil in his interviews.

At the moment, Alfie is studying Portuguese and Spanish at Oxford University, and acts in several TV series, such as the popular How To Get Away With Murder.

Talented and kind, Alfie is a shining example of the ties that bind Brazil and the UK together!


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