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Londres para Curiosos (London for the Curious) is a book written for those who travel with the intention of living a few days like a local, exploring the sorts of places that don’t usually appear in the traditional tourist guides.

Marina Neves, thanks to her career as a journalist and specialist in politics and international relations, has lived in cities all over Brazil and the world. She has written for foreign news agencies and even worked for the United Nations. As a fan of travel and writing, Marina noticed that there were already many established websites, blogs and magazines that specialised in travel, and so had the idea of creating something a little different to the standard guides. That is how Londres para Curiosos came about, a book written as if it were a Travel Log.

In this first edition, fifteen photographs were selected and each one is accompanied by a personal reflection. It’s worth noting, this is an independent publication. In fact, Londres para Curiosos is also a kind of collection of essays on life in the metropolis.

“I always find relationships with big cities very contradictory, between needs and desires, the unknown and the familiar. Public spaces, in big and important cities, are full of history, values, subjectivity, memories and meanings that go beyond what a mere travel guide can tap into. In London for the Curious, I tried to sketch some of the spaces I find most curious in the English capital, spaces which, for me, are full of meaning and revelations”, says the author. Doesn’t that make you curious?

What is a Travel Log?

A Travel Log is a written account of personal travel experiences mixed with short stories about the places visited. Its objective is to bring to light curious information about unexpected places, but also to share the personal experiences and reflections which comprise the writer’s unique moments.

More about Marina Neves and about London on the website Viajar Sem Fronteiras: Link

Where to buy it

A digital version of the book is available online: Link


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