Henrique Kalckmann art exhibition


Young artist makes his London debut with a powerful set of works about daily life.

Henrique Kalckmann is a Brazilian painter whose images reflect what for many of us is a normal, day-to-day life, but which is often full of unperceived details. The exhibition’s title is a Tolstoy quote – “In Art, everything is in that ‘nothing’” – and is an indication of what to expect to find in Kalckmann’s work.

All Henrique needs to create a piece of art is a simple, everyday image, perhaps from one of his trips. His paintings are infused with references, yet elegant in their simplicity, and Kalckmann prefers to let his art do the talking, instead of giving constant updates of his work in social networks.

This fantastic exhibition is open to the public until 2 September, at Gallery 32.

Where: Embassy of Brazil in London | Gallery 32

When: Until 2 September

Time: Mondays to Fridays, 11am-6pm


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