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BBMAG | The influence of the English language on Portuguese

The influence of the English language on Portuguese


Every Brazilian knows that the Portuguese language is full of words inherited from other countries. Many French words are part of our common vocabulary, such as “Buquê”, “Abajur” and “Guichê”.

But what about English words borrowed by the Portuguese language? Well, there are plenty! Here’s a list of some words that are used in everyday Portuguese and are, although many people don’t realise, in fact, derived from English.

1 – Bife: derived from the word “Beef”

2 – Blecaute: derived from the word “Blackout”

3 – Boxe: derived from the word “Boxing”

4 – Coquetel: derived from the word “Cocktail”

5 – Esporte: derived from the word “Sport”

6 – Estresse: derived from the word “Stress”

7 – Folclore: derived from the word “Folklore”

8 – Nailon: derived from the word “Nylon”

9 – Nocaute: derived from the word “­ Knockout”

10 – Piquenique: derived from the word “Picnic”

11 – Repórter: derived from the word “Reporter”

12 – Suéter: derived from the word “Sweater”

13 – Tênis: derived from the word “Tennis”

14 – Teste: derived from the word “Test”

15 – Time: derived from the word “Team”

16 – Voleibol: derived from the word “Volleyball”



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