The use of interactive media to learn a new language


We live in a time where children are born breathing technology. Therefore, why not use it in the educational process and help our little Brazilians learn Portuguese?

When I thought of having children here (my husband is English one of the )things which I used to ask myself was “how am I going to get them to learn my language?” Yes, they are English, but they are also Brazilian and for us, it was always important that they had contact with the Portuguese language.

bossinha1Well, since they were small, they have always watched cartoons in Portuguese – there was Galinha Pintadinha (Painted Little Chicken), Os Pequerruchos (a young gang of cartoon friends) and many others. These days, now a little older, one of the cartoons they most enjoy watching is O Show da Luna, with an English version named Earth to Luna. These cartoons, both in English and Portuguese, are available at YouTube (watch here).

Luna was introduced to me by a friend who discovered the show whilst on holiday in Brazil and came back in love with it.

The cartoon series revolves around a little six-year-old girl (Luna) who loves Science and believes that planet Earth is one huge laboratory in which she can learn about things. Curious, determined and fearless, Luna does not rest until she can answer one of her questions.

I super recommend O Show da Luna and the use of other interactive media in the teaching of a new language. I believe, if used responsibly, it is a powerful tool that helps convey not only the language but also the appeal of our traditions and cultures.

(by Karina Marsh, mother of Lucas and Rafael)

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About Author

Alexandra Ribeiro Magula is from Minas Gerais and living in England since 2006. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism from UFOP and today teaches Portuguese to children at ABCD Escolinha de Portugues, which she is one of the founders. As the mother to Laura, 4, she is always looking for something fun and educational to do with her daughter and so happy to be able to interact with other mothers here at Bossinha.