Visual Itinerant Exhibit of World Cultural Heritage Sites in Brazil


The wonders of Brazil, including the mining city of Ouro Preto, the historic centre of Salvador, Bahia, the pilot plan of the Country’s capital, Brasília and the natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro will be presented in an itinerant visual exhibit of the World Cultural Heritage Sites in Brazil. The exhibit will present twelve sites, as listed by UNESCO.

The goal is to promote the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites in Brazil to emissive priority markets as a country that possesses unique cultural beauty and diverse appeal to tourists across the globe.

According to UNESCO, out of the 981 sites listed in 160 countries, Brazil has 19 cultural sites, 12 of which will be presented in the project, as listed below. The exhibit will be interactive and also inform visitors about the history of Brazil, right from the country’s pre-historical period and colonization to today.

List of Destinations:

1. Historic Town of Ouro Preto
2. Historic Centre of the Town of Olinda
3. Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis, including the Ruins of São Miguel das Missões
4. Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia
5. Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos in Congonhas do Campo
6. The Pilot Plan of Brasília
7. Serra da Capivara National Park
8. Historic Centre of São Luís
9. Historic centre of the Town of Diamantina
10. Historic Centre of the Town of Goiás
11. São Francisco Square in the Town of São Cristóvão
12. Carioca Landscapes Between the Mountain and the Sea in Rio de Janeiro

Brasil Room – Embassy of Brazil in London
14-16, Cockspur Street, SW1Y 5BL- Trafalgar Square

Opening: April 19 2016
Period of Exhibit: April 20 to May 11, 2016
Exhibit Times between April 20 and May 11: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, from Monday to Friday


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