January’s Book Club features a book by Luís Fernando Veríssimo


The first Book Club of 2017, a monthly initiative put on by the Embassy of Brazil in London, will be a discussion about one of the best-known works of Brazilian author Luís Fernando Veríssimo, ‘The Spies’.

The story is a hybrid allegory of mythology, comedy and mystery: still recovering from the weekend’s hangover, a member of staff at a small publishing house receives a white envelope, with faint handwriting. Inside are the first few pages of a book of confessions written by someone calling themselves Ariadne. However, the protagonist and his drinking buddies, the spies, soon find themselves under Ariadne’s spell. A fun and captivating Brazilian tale!

What: Book Club – The Spies, by Luís Fernando Veríssimo,

When: 19 January, 6:30-9pm

Where: Embassy of Brazil in London – 14-16 Cockspur Street, London SW1Y 5BL


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