London’s healthcare needs are a source of growing opportunities


For those that dream of a career in healthcare, there’s a long list of employment opportunities in London, and an
even longer list of applicants. Radiologists, psychologists, physiotherapists, radiologists, nutritionists, pharmacists, podiatrists, etc.—healthcare professionals are in high demand right now in the UK.

One thing to bear in mind, however, is the need for a proficient level of English for most posts.
Many hiring companies use recruitment agency services to help them match up jobs with the right candidates; their extensive databases greatly facilitate the selection process.

One of the market leaders is Pulse Jobs, which specialises in finding potential employees for healthcare and social care employers.

To work legally in London, you need a National Insurance Number, which you can obtain by scheduling an
appointment at your local Job Centre—which are usually quick and fairly straightforward. If you’re concerned about your English, take a friend along to help. Be sure to have your passport, proof of residence, and your birth and/or marriage certificate with you. The document should arrive by post within six weeks. Health professionals must also register with the Health and Care Professional Council.

One useful tip: sign up to job sites like, Jobserve or the CV Library, one of the largest in the UK. The Job Today app is also popular among Brazilians, but there are a host of other mobile apps for candidates, not forgetting some of the better-known job search tools, such as LinkedIn and Whatsapp / Facebook groups.

Prepare your CV with care and attention, before writing a well-worded cover letter. Good luck!


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