Kings College – International symposium of the Research Group in Brazilian Music “City to City: Urban Crossroads in the Music of Africa, Brazil and Portugal”


The first international symposium of the Research Group in Brazilian Music brings together established and younger UK and overseas scholars, in order to share and debate their research around one of the most vibrant themes in the field, that is, the transnational character of Brazilian music, in both its historical and contemporary forms, and in particular its relations with Portuguese and African traditions and practices.

A special feature of the symposium will be an emphasis on the dialogue between musical practice, performance and academic work, and as well as addressing this within the panel sessions themselves, the programme will present some special events, such as a staging of Noel Rosa’s 1930s radio operetta A Noiva do Condutor, by the King’s Brazil Ensemble and soloists and an opening talk by the Brazilian singer and composer Martinho da Vila.

Panel themes:
• Relocating Rio de Janeiro
• Migrations and diasporas
• Demetropolitanizing Brazil – Other cities
• Music industries, scenes and technologies
• Brazilian music in London – with leading practitioners, teachers and activists and much more

Special events:
• Bate-papo with Martinho da Vila on the influence of African music in Brazil
• Performance of Noel Rosa’s 1930s radio operetta A Noiva do Condutor
• Documentary Screenings

Closing performance by participant musicians/dancers

Where: King’s College, London
When: Wednesday, 29 June – Friday, 1 July

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