Project encourages artistic freedom amongst men


In 2012, in an attempt to debunk stereotypes, a 34 year old man from São Paulo, Paulo Thiago Rezende, created “Homem na Agulha” (“Man in the Needle”) along with artist Luis Cambuzano, a Project that teaches Brazilian men to learn and develop knitting and crochet skills. They carry out group exercises, artistic events and also offer free courses to learn more about the two techniques.

homemnaagulha2According to Rezende, the initial idea was not to challenge the common notion of what is considered a male or a female task, but after realising that a degree of conservatism still reinforces prejudices, he decided to use the project as a means of encouraging artistic freedom. “When people see me knitting in public I imagine the sense of bewilderment is doubled, given that I am both male and young. This is funny to me, to shock and provoke”, he said.

The innovative project tours various cities around Brazil offering open to the public activities, lessons and workshops, the majority of which are free and well attended by participants ranging from beginner to advanced. Although the focus is to bring men to this universe, women too are invited to get involved. To follow all the news and details of where the project will visit, just follow the project’s Facebook page, or to find out more get in touch via email


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