Did you know that you can claim compensation if you’re the victim of an accident?


Find out more about each type of accident

Road Traffic Accident Accidents

Every type of road accident, such as a collision between cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses or bicycles. Such accidents can cause damage to drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

Accidents at Work

Accidents that occur in places of work or offices, illness due to contamination at work, RSI – repetitive strain injury (RSI), Stress, Sexual Harassment, etc.

Accidents in Public Places

Falling or slipping on the street, in shops or offices, caused by situations that present inherent risk, such as wet floors, building or maintenance work, etc.

Accidents when travelling or on holiday

Whether in the UK or abroad, accidents that take place during transit (airplane, bus, train, ship, etc.) or in hotels or similar lodgings, which result in personal injury to an individual or a group of people.

Consumer Accidents

Accidents or incidents caused by defective products or services, such as food poisoning, medical or dental malpractice, defects in construction, injuries sustained during leisure activities the practice of sports.

Other Accidents

Other types of accidents or incidents that may result in mental or physical damage to the victim. In the case, for example, with injuries related to criminal activity, accidents involving neighbours, accidents caused by industries and companies, etc.


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Accident Compensation


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