Latin American Dogs


Ever wondered which breeds hail from Latin America?

Dogs are the most loyal and affectionate pets you can have. Of course, this depends on the breed and also the breeding environment, but, in general, they are the most popular choice for families. From thoroughbreds to mongrels, these animals are everywhere and come in all sizes, colours and temperaments. 

Let’s start with an obvious one: the Peruvian Hairless Dog comes from, yes, you guessed it, Peru. Ancient drawings from the times of the Incas show that this type of dog has been around for some time. They have no hair, as the name suggests. In addition, they generally come in three sizes—small, medium and large—and are a loyal and intelligent companion. 

The Havanese Bichon shares the same lineage as the Frisé, Poodle, and Maltese. The difference is that it comes from Cuba, hence the name. Although they can appear a little aggressive—with a high-pitched bark—they are very kind. 

The Uruguayan Cimarron probably has Portuguese ancestry. They were abandoned by the colonisers and hunted as wild animals! The locals reincorporated Those that survived into domestic life, who still use them as guard dogs and herders today. 

And when you hear a snappy, squeaky bark, you’re probably within earshot of a Chihuahua. Originally from Mexico, these tiny dogs, due to their size, are delicate and need plenty of attention and care. 

Then, finally, there’s the Calupoh from Mexico, a genetic crossbreeding project between dogs and wolves. With traits common in both animals, they are loyal, fast, agile and always keen to please their owner. They tend to be black but can also be found with a slightly lighter coat. 

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