Learning using books and stories


Learning using books and stories.

The very first Portuguese language book fair for children took place on Sunday, 25 September in Stockholm.

The fair was organised by PortCast, an amazing platform for teaching Portuguese to foreign adults.

When possible, I always participate with my son in these types of activities. I believe that when we raise children in a country where a language other than our own is spoken, it’s very important to take part in events that promote Portuguese. Our language is our culture, our heritage, our identity.

The fair was very special since there were many Portuguese people present, not just Brazilians. Seeing my son interact and enjoy hearing different strands of Portuguese was a beautiful experience.

There was an area allocated to swapping and selling books, games and various other items (Belaponte was there selling our Almanaque de ferias. We were so proud!). There were also spaces for afternoon snacks, storytelling and other artistic activities.

Our dear Gabriela Nicoletta from Cantinho da Historia in Sweden read two lovely stories in the storytelling area: A Festa no Céu (Party in the Sky) by Angela Lago and A Fada Oriana (The Fairy Oriana) by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. The children, of various ages, were all extremely excited! In the arts area, the children painted, drew and played about with the teachers.

For afternoon snacks there were delicious coxinhas, chocolate cake, popcorn, fruits and juices, all helping to recharge our batteries before heading home full of happiness and fully motivated to start a new week!

To top it off, we also learned about a plan to open a Portuguese school for children aged six years and up. This is a long awaited and necessary step in making sure our language survives for future generations that are so far from “home”.

Now I’d like to know more about you, what activities you would like to offer your little Brazilians to help maintain their contact with the Portuguese and Brazilian cultures in London?


About Author

LETICIA PONTES, 37, is from São Paulo capital and has lived in Stockholm, Sweden since 2004. She is a lawyer registered at the Brazilian Bar Association after having finished her studies at the PUC-SP. Since 2010 she has worked with image consulting and intercultural communication. In her multicultural family, where 3 different languages are spoken and easily mixed, it is the meals between beloved ones that is responsible for teaching all of them about the culture beyond the languages. Since June 2015, when she became Martin´s mother, she dedicates herself along with her husband to raising their son to become a world citizen.