Lesbian romance “The Lilith Gene” reveals the cruelty of anxiety and the possibility of inherited trauma


The Lilith Gene is the captivating new novel, the first published in English, by the popular Brazilian author, M. Cassol

The Lilith Gene is the captivating new novel, the first published in English, by the popular Brazilian author, M. Cassol. This psychologically nuanced story pulls readers into the piques of anxiety and the yearning for profound connection shared by two women, a hundred years apart. Cassol writes deftly about the complexities of women, divided by time, and united by their desire for emotional authenticity.  

Vesna, a Serbian PhD student in Art History living in Tuscany, is a master rock climber. The only thing she can’t get a grip on is her love life. Beset by terrifying panic attacks that strike every time she allows herself to be intimate with another woman, she strives to avoid the so-called mermaids in her life. 

Olga is a wide-eye trainee nurse in Sarajevo. It’s 1912, and she is all too keen to document her life and the world changing around her in her diaries. Olga’s passion for nursing is only rivalled by her love for her anguished boyfriend Gav. The arrival of the obscure Patient J.D. 347 at the hospital is about to change everything for Olga.

Everything will change for Vesna too, when she meets the compelling art restorer Rafaella Guaritore. Rafaella holds the key to Vesna’s research into influential women painters of the Renaissance and the metaphorical Lilith Gene that all the rebellious ladies in art are believed to share. Will Rafaella hold the key to solving Vesna’s mysterious recurring dreams and find the root of all her anxiety? Or is the answer to Vesna’s problems hidden in Olga’s diaries?

M.Cassol was born in transit on the Brazilian and Uruguian boarders, when her mother went into labour on the return leg of a family holiday. Cassol graduated in Medicine in Brazil in 2004 and, after settling in London, she became one of the most respected specialist doctors in Aesthetic Medicine, associating her passion for beauty and creativity to perfect her treatments. Her first lesbian novel was published in Brazil; Fuga da Lula (which translates to Fanny Fun in English), reached number one on the Amazon Lesbian Romance chart and is currently being turned into a movie. 

The Lilith Gene by M. Cassol (published by Clink Street, November 29th 2018, RRP £9.99 paperback, £3.99 ebook) is available to buy online from retailers including amazon.co.uk and can be ordered from all good bookstores. 


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