London Caipirinha Festival 2017: The Competition


The London Caipirinha Festival 2017 is the biggest Brazilian cocktail and gastronomy competition in London, designed to encourage interest in Brazil and raise the profile of cachaça in the United Kingdom.

With London-based bars and Brazilian restaurants competing in various categories including the “London’s Best Caipirinha 2017”, voting requires the participation of cocktail fans who having sampled the caipirinhas of participating establishments, to cast their votes online on the festival website (



  • The competition will be open to a selection of participating London-based bars and Brazilian restaurants
  • Customers visiting the participating establishments will evaluate several different categories: Caipirinha (original with lime, fruits and exotic), Caipirinha menu, Bartender, Bar deco, Brazilian food served, Cuisines fusion offered, Establishment location and Establishment services
  • Scores range from 0 to 5 will be given for each category


Throughout the festival the competition criteria will be assessed by 7-10 judges, as well as the public. Final scores will carry a 50% weighting from public votes and 50% from the judges. The voting process will be managed by the festival organisers, who will announce the results during the awards ceremony at the end of the Festival.

The full list of participating bars and restaurant is available on the Festival’s website (

You judge them! Get involved, have fun, drink responsibly!


London Caipirinha Festival 2017: The Competition



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