London Caipirinha Festival 2019


Europe’s largest competition of Brazilian cocktails, drinks, food and culture, CaipFest, is set to return to London for its third annual edition from 20 – 30 June

The largest Brazilian drinks and gastronomy contest of its kind is back! The London Caipirinha Festival, created in 2017 and part of the CaipFest, returns to the capital for the third time. From 20 to 30 June, competing bars and restaurants will showcase the best of gastronomy, drinks, tourism and Brazilian culture in London. As always, there will be awards for different categories and guaranteed fun! Be sure to check out the list of participating establishments at or

Following the same format as previous editions, the public will be encouraged to visit the shortlisted restaurants and bars and then cast their votes online across a range of categories, including Best Caipirinha, Best Menu, Best Bartender, Best Bar Decoration, Best Brazilian Gastronomy, among others.

Last year’s event proved to be a resounding success, with a significant lift in both public participation and the number of competing establishments. This growth has translated into an expansion of the festival, and in addition to the third London Caipirinha Festival we can confirm that not only will the second edition of the Madrid CaipFest run from June 27 to July 7, but the Milano CaipFest will also be inaugurated in September (19 – 29). The highlights from the 2018 London edition include: 31 participating bars and restaurants; 1,685 public votes cast over 10 days; more than 22,500 people followers on social media; 19,742 visitors to the festival site during the competition; and more than 1,000 news articles about the event published in the international and British media, helping to promote new trends in Brazilian tourism and open up new commercial import opportunities for products and services from Brazil.

The CaipFest, a series of individual Caipirinha Festivals, takes place in select bars and restaurants across each city. Members of the public visit the participating establishments, try their caipirinha and/or Brazilian food and vote online at the festival’s website. Throughout the Festival, an exclusive program of tastings, caipirinha workshops and events will also be staged.

The winners of the competition will not only be selected by the public vote, but also by a jury of critics—the panel’s verdict will carry a 50% weighting, equal to that of the public vote. So, there’s no better time to call up your friends and enjoy a night of caipirinhas and traditional Brazilian cuisine! The Festival’s principal objective is to stimulate interest in Brazil among the travel trade by promoting an image of Brazil as a multifaceted tourist destination and unmask the country’s colourful culture and a truly unique gastronomy.


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