The London Caipirinha Festival announces the winners of its inaugural competition


London’s biggest caipirinha festival dishes out the accolades across a range of categories

The inaugural edition of The London Caipirinha Festival, a mouth-watering event created to promote the infamous Brazilian cocktail, has officially announced its list of winners across all categories.

The event, which was created and organised by VBRATA (Visit Brazil Travel & Cultural Association), was staged with the support of some prominent partners, including the Embassy of Brazil in London, as well as several other media sponsors.

The London Caipirinha Festival is the largest annual Brazilian drinks and cocktails competition in London, designed to stimulate general interest in Brazilian gastronomy and, more specifically, promote cachaça to the British market.

The competition took place over a period of 10 days, from 5 – 17 September, and encouraged Londoners to visit the 19 participating bars and restaurants and, having sampled their respective entries, vote for their favourite cocktails. The public votes, cast on the festival website, carried a 50% weighting of the final scores, whilst the remaining 50% was determined by an expert jury, members of which visited each establishment in turn to assess the respective entries and services.


The table below rounds up the list of winners of the 2017 London Caipirinha Festival:


Made in Brasil London’s Best Caipirinha 2017 (2017’s Champion)
Temakinho Soho London’s Best Fruit Caipirinha (Mango)
Made in Brasil Boteco London’s Best Exotic Caipirinha (Banana & Cinnamon, Raspberry & Chilli)
Las Iguanas Spitalfields London’s Best Caipirinhas Menu (Variety of options)
Abelha Cachaça London’s Best Brazilian Cachaça
Leandro Paganini (Salsa Bar!) London’s Best Caipirinha Bartender 2017
Temakinho Soho London’s Best Brazilian Bar Decor & Design
Bistrô Requinte London’s Best Brazilian Food and Restaurant
Temakinho Soho London’s Best Brazilian Culinary Fusion (Japanese & Brazilian)
Café Pacifico London’s Best Bar Customer Service
The Light Lounge London’s Best Caipirinha Innovation (Cucumber Caipirinha)


Some of the main outcomes of the The London Caipirinha Festival 2017

  • 19 participating bars and restaurants
  • 578 members of the public cast their votes over the 10 days
  • 3 bars created specific caipirinha menus
  • 2 bars established new cachaça suppliers following their participation in the festival
  • 4,000 people followed the festival via social media
  • 54 news articles were published in the British and Brazilian media
  • A new market for cachaça was established in the UK
  • A new standard was set for caipirinhas amongst the British market


The London Caipirinha Festival is an annual event and the next edition is already confirmed for June 2018.



The London Caipirinha Festival was created by VBRATA to promote Brazilian culture across various sectors in London, with an emphasis on gastronomy and cachaça. The Festival is dedicated to the caipirinha, the most famous of Brazilian cocktails, as well as the participating bars and restaurants competing for the title of “The Best Caipirinha in London”, and a variety of other accolades. For more information, visit



VBRATA—Visit Brazil Travel & Cultural Association—is a non-profit, London-based organization dedicated to promoting Brazil as a tourist and cultural destination amongst UK and European audiences. Our membership consists of travel trade specialists and cultural experts that offer industry-recognized services relating to tourism in Brazil. Should you need advice or information about traveling to and from Brazil, contact one of VBRATA’s associates: they are the experts when it comes to Brazil. For further details, visit



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