London is planting a bee corridor to increase insect numbers


A seven-mile long “bee corridor” is being planted in a bid to boost the number of pollinating insects

A seven-mile wildflower corridor is being planted in parkland to provide a safe haven for insects. To support a range of bees and other pollinators, a mixture of seeds has been chosen. The wildflower meadows will be put in place in some of Brent Council’s parks in north London.

Recent studies have shown some species of pollinators in Britain have decreased by up to a third in the past two decades. Scientists warn that the loss of nature could create problems in years to come, including the ability to grow food crops; this problem is further increased when the only insects that are growing in numbers are those who fed on our crops.

The UK government is five years into a strategy to curb pollinator loss, and is working with bodies such as Buglife to introduce more spaces to support pollinating insects. The corridor being planted in Brent, hopefully the first of many more, will stretch across 22 parks.


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