London’s must-visit food markets


Here we list some of our favourites for you to put to the test: Well worth every calorie!

London’s food markets attract hoards of people every day thanks to the variety on offer, both in terms of cuisine and value for money.


1 – Maltby Street

Space is somewhat limited, meaning that only the best restaurants and cafeterias are granted space to sell their exclusive bites. From sumptuous desserts to deliciously prepared steaks, be sure to embark on this mouth-watering adventure.


2 – Boxpark Shoreditch

The market has adopted the recent trend of using repurposed containers in retail, and food vendors specialise in artisanal snacks, such as burgers, ice cream and candy.


3 – The Kitchens at Old Spitalfields Market

Uniting ten different sellers under one roof, The Kitchens brings together food from all over the world and strives to surprise and delight customers—you can sample Chinese, Thai, British and so on, all in one day.


4 – Broadway Market

Broadway Market, which runs every Saturday in Hackney, is the perfect place to eat out, as well as do some thrifty clothes shopping and hunt for some of the most unusual items. The food park also has options for vegans.


5 – Borough Market

Borough Market, one of the oldest markets in the city, continues to innovate and set new trends. Typical street food also caters for vegans and features dishes from the world’s finest cuisines.


6 – Flat Iron Square

Located behind London Bridge Station, the market has become a favourite among busy workers looking for a quick lunch. People say it’s home to the best pizza in London, as well as the best Mexican!


7 – Pop Brixton

Located in South London, in Brixton, the initiative was launched when people began to open small businesses on previously unused land. It didn’t take long for restaurants and street food vendors to settle on the site as well, transforming it into a gastronomic fair of the highest quality.


8 – Camden Market

Camden Town’s alternative culture is more than present in its food: Open from 10am to late, Camden Market offers typical dishes from the world of independent cuisine.


9 – Greenwich Market

Located near Greenwich Park, the marketplace houses more than 40 vendors of the most diverse food and drink, providing visitors with the perfect place to refuel after a few hours of walking around town or strolling in the park.


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