Luiz Melodia performs in in London


The Singer-songwriter Luiz Melodia, celebrates 40 years in the profession with a London show

Luiz Carlos dos Santos, better known as Luiz Melodia, was born in Rio de Janeiro and from an early age was interested in Music, as he watched his father play and tried to copy him. His career started in 1963, but really got going with the release of his second disc, ‘Maravilhas contemporâneas’ (Contemporary Wonders), which included his popular hit ‘Mico de circo’ (Circus Monkey).

His unique influences gave him an equally unique style, with a mix of samba, rock, jazz and blues. His career is littered with success, not only as an artist in his own right, but also as a writer for other performers. With a back catalogue stretching back decades, and countless national and international shows in the bag, Luiz Melodia is a highly respected, renowned Brazilian artist, who perfectly showcases the joy of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). Without a doubt, Luiz is lining up a stellar 40-year concert!

When: 12 October

Where: The Forge, Camden – 3-7 Delancey Street, NW1 7NL London, United Kingdom

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