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The love for animals, particularly for the care and rescue of lost or homeless animals, has no boundaries. Both in Brazil and London, several NGOs stand out for their efforts, will and dedication to animals.


Founded in 1860 by Mary Tealby, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is an organisation dedicated to the rescue, housing and medical care of strays or lost animals from the street. The animal can stay for the time needed to recover, and then, when 100% healthy, the search for a family to adopt begins. There are three sites spread across London, the largest one being in Battersea, where the veterinarian centre is based. In 2012 a TV series about the institution was aired, presented by Paul O’Grady and broadcast by ITV Studios, showing the treatment and care offered. It is one of the most famous animal charities in London, and with 155 years of history, it is the reference for animal rescue and adoption. There are many ways to help this NGO, such as donating or volunteering. The foundation also offers other programs, such as animal training. To find out more:

Another centre for the rescue and relocation of animals is The Mayhew Animal Home. The organisation has a team of animal protection officers that help residents with particular difficulty caring for their pets. They have various programs geared towards animal welfare, pet accommodation, and specialised care. Donations fund everything, and the NGO has been in operation since 1886. For more information on how to donate, visit

In Brazil, the AMPARA Animal, a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest, focuses on fundraising from individuals and companies to care for animals (especially in poor communities). Founded in 2010, AMPARA runs campaigns and educational projects to drive awareness about the castration of animals to control the population of strays. To this end, they have a Mobile Unit of Veterinary Service, which can take this castration service to local communities and distant places. To contribute even further, the foundation has several partners who help organise donation fairs. The NGO accepts donations, volunteers and people who can provide temporary homes for the animals until they are adopted. Want to know more? Visit:

An Adote Um Focinho (Adopt a Snout) offers shelter to abandoned animals rescued from the streets or mistreated. Founded in 2006, the organisation relies on donations from people with the same urge to help these animals. In addition, there is a task force to find people to adopt these four-legged friends.

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