Márcia Zanellato to be a part of “The Birth Machine” theatre project


The writer Márcia Zanellato has been invited to take part in “The Birth Machine”, and will have her play performed on 21 October, in Manchester.

With an impressive CV full of awards, Márcia writes for theatre, TV and cinema. The Brazilian Foreign Office has previously selected her work to appear in their Contemporary Brazilian Theatre periodical. She also recently received an award for Best Author for the play Desalinho, at the Rio de Janeiro Theatre Producer’s Association Awards.

Her current project sees Márcia taking a look at Brazil’s social and geopolitical history through the lens of child-birth over the last century. Brazil has the world’s highest rate of Caesarean section births, which is reflected in the unequal way that Brazilian society is divided.


About the Project

“The Birth Machine” project is an initiative by the Royal Theatre and the Oglesby Charitable Trust, which aims to provoke a global debate about the inequalities of healthcare all over the world. Seven international playwrights were selected to take part in the festival, and tell stories about how their respective countries approach the question of childbirth.

When: 21 October

Where:  Royal Exchange Theatre | Manchester

For reservations, and further information about the play and the festival, access: http://www.birthdebate.com/



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