Marcos Franke is a Brazilian Tattoo Artist who works with all kinds of tattoos, as well as cover ups.

Marcos started his career very early on; from about the age of 4 he was always drawing, and when he turned 18 he threw himself headfirst into the art world, finding his first job as a tattooist. Since then he hasn’t looked back.

London’s go-to Brazilian tattoo artist, Marcos Franke, treats his job as a hobby, any free time he has is used for coming up with new, creative designs, constantly evolving his style with new techniques, so that he can always offer the best possible tattoos to his clients.

Marco Franke is specialized in black and white tattoos, portraits and micro-tattoos. However, like any decent tattoo artist, Marcos is skilled in all styles, from old school, to traditional, coloured and mandalas, among others.

Marcos Franke, the go-to Brazilian tattoo artist in London, creates new artworks for his clients who aren’t sure what they’re looking for, with only vague ideas in their heads about what they want. He gives structure to their ideas, bringing to life what is only in their imaginations, and creating fascinating new tattoo designs.

Marcos Franke also counts on the help of Francieli, a Brazilian piercing specialist in London, who always offers the same excellent quality of service. Tattooing is a way of expressing oneself, valorising the human body, and a form of living art.

These days, a tattoo is an integral part of a person’s personality, and is something highly creative, as there is no limit to what can be done. The most famous types of tattoo are tribal, animals, flowers and names, along with a vast array of other styles.

If you’re looking for a Brazilian tattoo artist in London or a Brazilian piercing specialist in London, look no further!

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