Mario Cravo Neto – A serene expectation of light


Mario Cravo Neto, one of the most influential Brazilian photographers, currently has his first solo exhibition in the UK on show at Rivington Place, the famous art gallery in Shoreditch

The artist, from Bahia, felt so inspired by the cultural riches of his own city that he decided to tell, through photography, the story of Candomblé in Brazil, recounting the entire historical context surrounding the appearance of the religion in Brazil, brought over from Africa during the slave movement.

Candomblé is still discriminated against in Brazil, as a result of Portuguese efforts to put stamp out traditional African religions in the country. Cravo Neto, who used to practice the religion, has used his work to show the cultural richness and beauty that exists beyond the stereotypes associated with Candomblé.

The photographer, born in Salvador, passed away in 2009, at the age of 62 in her native city.

The exhibition, on show at Rivington Place, runs from 15th January to 2nd April.

Rivington Place
London EC2A 3BA

Free admission.


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