Meet the sponsors of London Caipirinha Festival 2017


The London Caipirinha Festival 2017 (#londoncaipfest) is the largest competition of Brazilian drinks and cocktails in London, created to stimulate British consumers to learn about Brazilian culture and to promote cachaça in the United Kingdom. With several London-based bars and restaurants competing in various categories, including the title of “London’s Best Caipirinha 2017”, consumers visiting the participating bars and restaurants, after sampling their caipirinhas are required to vote online on the festival website.

As no big event or good idea comes becomes reality on its own, VBRATA have some important sponsors in this year’s edition. Meet the London Caipirinha 2017 #LondonCaipFest Sponsors:


Abelha Cachaça

ABELHA CACHAÇA SILVER is a premium hand-crafted white Cachaça with a clean and natural flavour which is ‘rested’ (descansada). Resting the cachaça for a few months in open steel tanks allows some of the less desirable compounds to evaporate or oxidise into phenols, which give the Cachaça its characteristic bouquet. The result is a full-flavoured artisanal Cachaça, with an intense fruit/vegetal nose, fresh sugar cane and stone fruits taste, and a smooth dry finish: perfect for Caipirinhas. Fopr more information visit


Bistrô Requinte

This bistro serves up Brazilian food in a relaxed, informal setting with occasional live music. Wooden seating is surrounded by bright yellow walls, which feature large blue-skied murals and decorative paintings. Dishes seem to be meat-heavy and portions look generous. Expect picanha burgers, BBQ pulled pork, peri-peri chicken, beef chilli with rice, sirloin steaks, calabresa sausages, cassava chips and a selection of pizzas can be split into two for those undecided about toppings.


Café Pacífico

There’s certainly an enduring appeal to this Mexican cantina on Langley Street – it’s been serving Covent Garden visitors since 1982 and shows little sign of letting up. Expect a fun and frenetic atmosphere, and a bit of a party vibe. Although a Mexican restaurants, it claims to serve one of the best Brazilian caipirinhas in London! For further information visit


Salsa Bar Soho

Located on Charing Cross Road in the centre of London’s West End, the Salsa bar and restaurant is the South American party heart of the capital. A great deal of effort has gone in to creating a truly Latin atmosphere here at Bar Salsa, starting with the décor which comes straight from a Rio guide book, bright colours blended with rough-hewn wood for a rustic beach-bar look. For further details visit


Salsa Bar Temple

Soho staple Bar Salsa! is doubling their salsa spirit and passion and expanding into Temple, with the addition of a brand-new venue, a short walk from Embankment tube station. Due to overwhelming demand, the new venue will increase the current capacity, as the Latin-American inspired venue on Charing Cross Road brings its Carnival flair to Temple on London’s South Bank. For further details visit


steamond travelSteamond Travel

Travel to Latin America is synonymous with Steamond. Since 1973 we’ve been flying people down to the region, and for over 35-years Steamond has been organising the very varied travel arrangements and demands of thousands of independent travellers like you. Over the past 35 years we’ve taken thousands of satisfied clients to Latin America, and looked after them while they’ve been there. Our recommendations of how to travel, what to see, and where to stay is based on our specialist local knowledge that covers from Mexico in the north all the way down to Antarctica in the south, and everywhere in between, including Brazil. For further details visit


Bossa BrazilBossa Brazil Events

Put some Brazilian flavour to your events!

Bossa Brazil is specialised in organising events, road shows, promotional workshops, seminars, corporate events, music festivals and private parties. Bossa Brazil has experience and know-how in organising and planning events and industry networking functions are our forte! We have been involved producing some of the best Brazilian themed events adding Brazilian favour to the events offering typical Brazilian catering with canapés and cocktails and quality entertainment including Bossa Nova singers, Brazilian music bands and groups, solo voice and guitar and cultural presentation including with Brazilian carnival drummer troops and dancers, capoeira and much more! For further information visit



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