Metá Metá bring their afro-brazilian sound to London


One of the hottest acts on São Paulo’s new music scene, Metá Metá are coming to London to play their blend of North African influenced music, which takes elements from the cultures of Morocco, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Mali.

The band’s most recent album, MM3, was recorded live over two days and is full of improvisation, flexibility and dynamic sounds.

The group, whose name means ‘three at a time’ in Yoruban, stand out thanks to their afro-Brazilian cultural influences, taken from religions such as candomblé, which in turn is heavily influenced by African traditions such as Yoruba, Fon and Bantu cultures. With two LPs and two EPs already released, the band have caught critics attention with their original approach to Brazilian music, fusing together elements of traditional Brazilian beats, with African influences and touches of Jazz and Rock.

It’s sure to be an unmissable show this September, in London.

When: 13 September, 8pm

Where: Battersea Arts Centre – Lavender Hill, London

Price: £10 – £15

For further information, visit the show’s website here.


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