Music Festivals in Brazil


Brazil has a rich tradition of festivals and seasonal events

The headline act, of course, is Carnaval, which takes on various forms and sizes throughout the country. There are, however, other festivals – such as that dedicated to St. John in June – that are particularly prominent in the north of the country. So culturally significant are some, in fact, that they have helped launch the careers of songwriters and performing artists given that music plays such a central theme.

Mega events such as Rock in Rio and Lollapalooza continue to attract major local and international names and never fail to draw in crowds in excess of 100,000, not to mention significant event sponsorship from major beer, food and telecommunications brands. The independent events also look to governmental offices and local consulates for additional support. The French, Canadians, Australians and British have all pledged support in the past and have helped to organise such events in Brazil. Although local music accounts for over 70% of music sales in Brazil, many overseas acts play the independent festival circuit – be it indie, jazz, metal, reggae, or experimental – often promoting their own music through local blogs and social media. In fact, some blogs organise their own festivals. With radio coverage governed by jabá (payola), these festivals provide an important platform from which to launch new artists.

BR Music Travel, a recent start-up agency in São Paulo, now offers tailored trips to some of these events.

Dia da Música – São Paulo – SP (24 June)

Liberation – Espaço das Américas – São Paulo – SP (25 June) King Diamond and others

Circuito de Parques – Música, Bike & Meio Ambiente – Belo Horizonte – MG (June/July)


S.E.N.S.A.C.I.O.N.A.L – Belo Horizonte – MG (14 July)

CoMA, Convenção de Música e Arte – Brasília – DF (July)

Festival de Inverno de Belo Horizonte – Belo Horizonte – MG (June or July)


Festival Timbre – Uberlândia – MG (1 – 8 August)

Savassi Jazz Festival  Belo Horizonte – MG (August)
Goiânia Noise – Goiânia – GO (August)
Música Mundo Belo Horizonte – MG (7 September)

Rock in Rio – Cidade do Rock – Rio de Janeiro – RJ (15, 16 September – Maroon 5, 17, 21 -Aerosmith, Billy Idol, 22, 23, 24 -Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes)

Transborda – Belo Horizonte – MG (17 September)

Mimo Festival  Tiradentes – MG (28 – 29 September)

Mimo Festival Ouro Preto – MG (29 – 30 September)

MADA – Natal – RN | Estádio Arena das Dunas (29 – 30 September)

Coala Festival – São Paulo – SP (September)

Radioca Salvador –  BA (September)


Festival Contato – São Carlos – SP (2 – 8 October)

Mimo Festival – Paraty – RJ (6 – 8 October)

Festival Zons  Aracaju – SE (October)

Indie Sessions  João Pessoa – PB (October)
Festival DoSol – Natal – RN (November)

Mimo Festival – Rio de Janeiro – RJ (10 – 12 November)

Festival Coquetel Molotov – Recife – PE (11 November)

Se Rasgum – Belém – PA (14 – 18 November)

Mimo Festival Olinda – PE (17 – 19 November)

Demo Sul – Londrina – PR (November)

Sangue Novo Salvador – BA (November)
Festivals to be confirmed:

Festival Mundo – João Pessoa – PB

Macuca do Mundo – Correntes – PE

Festival Contrapedal São Paulo – SP

Satélite 061 – Brasília – DF

Festival BR 135 – São Luís – MA

Festival Fora da Casinha – São Paulo – SP

Festival Maloca Fortaleza – CE


By David McLoughlin


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