MY LONDON: Ice-Skating Rinks


Winter in London is an action-packed season thanks to the various family-friendly ice-skating rinks


London’s outdoor ice-skating rinks, with their festive decorations, refreshments and famous cultural backdrops
make for a truly magical experience. Here are three of our favourites.


The Tower of London
Skate in front of the Tower of London, one of Britain’s most recognizable landmarks. You can pirouette in the shadow of this spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to the Crown Jewels, and historic weaponry and armour that dates back a thousand years. Be sure to sample the mulled wine!


Somerset House
Somerset House, on The Strand and overlooking the River Thames, is undoubtedly one of the city’s most striking rinks and home to the Courtauld Gallery. The rink itself is shadowed by impression neoclassical architecture and an enormous Christmas tree. Sip spiced mulled wine or hot chocolate served in the Skate Lounge.


Hampton Court Palace
There are few backdrops as romantic as Hampton Court Palace. The ice rink, set in the gardens garden of King
Henry VIII’s favourite palace, is flanked by the River Thames. Hampton Court is located on the outskirts of London and is easily accessible by train.


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